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Say You Love Me By Ephemerals

Following the release of latest album Chasin Gosts, the Ephemerals shared the bonus track Say You Love Me, as part of Everyday Killers single, a strong critique/criticism of nowadays they represente with a video… Continue reading

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Massive Attack release Ritual Spirit EP

Massive are back! After releasing their first new music since 2011 through a sensory remixer app – an iPhone app called Fantom which contained snippets of four songs – the Bristol crew have teamed up with some remarkable peers – Tricky, Young Fathers, Roots… Continue reading

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Video: Blackstar by David Bowie

The post apocalyptic scenario depicted by the last short film for David Dowie’s latest single Blackstar is a sort of storytelling of the origin of human nature, its fears and anxiety. Bowie merges… Continue reading

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Video: What Are You Afraid Of? by The Family Rain

The three brothers from Bath, England, are working on the release of thier sophomre album. In the meantine, they have just shared their last video for What Are You Afraid Of?, the single… Continue reading

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Watch: Remedy by Mavrick

A brand new artist from Stockholm, Mavrick: a real mix of influences, and let me say with a great taste for electronic and for refined productions. From Massive Attack to Rudimental,Wilkinson & Sigma, the underground artist shares… Continue reading

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Watch: Foals share new video Give It All

Super acclaimed thanks to their last studio album What Went Down, Foals share new music video Give It All that enhances the emotional track’s approach: love stories can relentlessy end and leaves space… Continue reading

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Watch fab music film of Shine A Light by Banners

With influences ranging from the Beatles and Jeff Buckley to Arcade Fire, BANNERS utilizes vibrant techniques like choral echoes and cinematic sound effects, while still managing to sound entirely organic. This is Liverpool… Continue reading

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Watch: Hailstorms by Hugo

New video by Hugo for Hailstorms, rolling beat on downtempo. The song is out of his 2014 album Deep In the Long Grass, via Lullaby. Directed by Bangkok-based production studio, HUAGLOM, Hailstorms talks of a man who has given… Continue reading

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Fashion & Music: Longchamp & Jungle

Fashion and Music are closed worlds. When music meets fashion, pearls come to light. As did by Vivienne Westwood and Malcom McLaren during 70’s. Their ability to synthesise clothing and music shaped the 1970s UK punk… Continue reading

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