Breton, the other side of the squat culture

Breton describe themselves as a multimedia arts collective spawned by squat culture. They are not exactly a band but more than a group, in order to simplify they can be associated to an indie… Continue reading

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Chvrches – The Bones Of What You Believe

Many rumors surround the release of the first album from Chvrches. Sometimes these rumors are turned into skepticism by the most suspicious insiders. Too perfect for being real. I’m on the other side.… Continue reading

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Lucius, soulmates

Co-founders and lead vocalists Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig look like twin but they’re not actually related in any way. Both 28, they met as students at the Berklee College of Music and then,… Continue reading

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Haerts, at the crack of dawn

A few days ago I introduced the new EP from Haerts – Hemiplegia (a curious name that indicates a pathology: paralysis of one side of the body) without having much info on this band.… Continue reading

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Listening Gems: Medusa

Here you are the sound of this night and of a beautiful nightmare from GEMS – Clifford John Usher and Lindsay Pitts – with Medusa, a new song from the forthcoming EP of the… Continue reading

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Woodkid, sparkling talent

Yoann Lemoine is not a simple musician. He’s a 360 degree artist: music video director, songwriter, graphic designer and now he is Woodkid too. Born in Lyon, Yoann moved across France and UK… Continue reading

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Streaming: Cults – Static

One week in advance of its October 15 release, now you can stream Cults‘ full-length album Static: fantastically 60’s sound with a strong vigor and precision. The album sounds great thanks to a syncopated… Continue reading

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Polica – Warrior Lord

Water is the essential element of life. And here, in the last Polica‘s video, water is the heart, the core, the atmosphere…like the effect made by the sound dispersion throughout the water: pure… Continue reading

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Tennis…is a duo pop not only a sport

From Denver, USA, Tennis is an husband-and-wife indie pop duo – Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley – that brings to life an ephemeral and elegant sound. Delicate voice and fantastic touch in playing the… Continue reading

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