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Interview: Bella Figura, the importance of being respectful to oneself and others

Hidden behind frontman’ bushy beard, Bella Figura play an intense sound that winks at 70’s and 90’s, well structured and round. Despite the italian-sound name, the band is from London and they have earned the right to… Continue reading

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Introducing: Prickle with Tell Me Why

Prickle is 17 y/o independent pop rock artist Emily Wilson from Melbourne, Victoria. After spending a few years honing and developing her sound, in search of her ‘unique voice,’ Emily is ready to… Continue reading

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Massive Attack release Ritual Spirit EP

Massive are back! After releasing their first new music since 2011 through a sensory remixer app – an iPhone app called Fantom which contained snippets of four songs – the Bristol crew have teamed up with some remarkable peers – Tricky, Young Fathers, Roots… Continue reading

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Gardenia by Iggy Pop / Josh Homme

Iggy Pop and Josh Homme (of Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal) announced a new collaborative album named #PostPopDepression. The full album, which is scheduled to be released on March 18th, is been written and… Continue reading

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Single Again by Mel Monaco

“If you can’t be safe, be spectacular” is a phrase that sets the musical tone for Mel Monaco, a Canadian singer, songwriter, pianist, and guitarist born in Northern, Ontario. Influenced by her rhythmic… Continue reading

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John Frusciante: “Art is a matter of giving”

Just yesterday I posted on Foo Fighters‘ new EP Saint Cecilia for free download. And today, John Frusciante – not any one – shares a bunch of unreleased music from the past, for… Continue reading

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EP (Free Download): Saint Cecilia by Foo Fighters

As UndercoverRockLife, I usually do not talk about big bands, and with big I mean litterally huge, global bands. My field is different, you all know this. Even if sometimes, as in case of… Continue reading

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Video: Blackstar by David Bowie

The post apocalyptic scenario depicted by the last short film for David Dowie’s latest single Blackstar is a sort of storytelling of the origin of human nature, its fears and anxiety. Bowie merges… Continue reading

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Live: Yours, Dreamily by The Arcs

It’s Monday night. Milan is cold and foggy. Just a couple of days are passed after the terrible things of Paris. Just few hours, after Dan Auerbach’s statements on that terrible facts, what… Continue reading

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