Am I The Only Reason by Loose Buttons


Coming of age in New York City’s artistic revival of the early-2000s – a movement that gave America its second wave of indie rock on the backs of The Strokes, Interpol and LCD Soundsystem – the boys of Loose Buttons began their immersion into the city’s newly galvanized musical culture. Their early adolescent years saw the four lads begin playing their respective instruments around the Five Boroughs in front of whoever would dare listen to a 12 year old with an electric guitar.

Years later, frontman Eric Nizgretsky, guitarist Zack Kantor, bassist Manny Silverstein and drummer Adam Holtzberg joined forces, clearly all struck by the energy buzzing around their home city and channelling that mutual inspiration into their own fun-loving brand of indie rock.

The sound is an indie rock that could get the likes of Turner’s The Last Shadow Puppets, at least in this last shared song which is named Am I The Only Reason? The track deals the moments that follows a breakup when nothing is right, everything is wrong. The moment when you stop to blame the other half and turn the finger to yourself: the good old fashioned look inside. What comes is the necessary self awareness of you did good and what wrong.
Stream the track here below.

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