If I’m Enough by Mathew V


This only 20-years old guy from Vancouver is a young talented music creator with a warm voice. A voice that goes beyond his age and moves through the shadows of intensity: feelings older than his age. From his upcoming album ‘Sounds‘, Mathew V shares a new song  called ‘If I’m Enough’ – this second single mixes pop, r&b, blues and indie vibes.

“I think the song encompasses the overall theme of the record. I had to stray from the disconnect and safety I was familiar with when writing for others, and allow myself to be vulnerable with myself and my own music.“If I’m Enough” has ended up being one of my favourite tracks on the record. I pulled inspiration from the music I was surrounded by in the UK, and I think that it’s sonically right on the pulse of where I wanted to be for this project.” Mathew says.

I can only say that the work is really good, the style is super, terribly European, specifically English.
Mathew V is someone to talk about. Keep hears and eyes on him.

From your Undercover Agent