Power By Harts


Back to work, back to music, back to us, back to the power of music…same as Harts sings in his latest track shared via The A&R Dept, Power.
Struggling bass lines, velvety vocals and thunderous guitar riffs are the key elements of latest funk-rock track from Harts – the brainchild of polimusicist Darren Hart -.
He’s been touring now locally and internationally with the Power Tour, including UK and a European tour to show and performe his long-release Smoke Fire Hope Desire, set for launch on September 16th via Dew Process/UMA.
Recorded in artist’s home studio  in Melbourne, the LP is the last stage of the often labeled “one-man music-making machine” – he writes, plays all the instruments, recods and produces all his music) – spending the past few years developing his funky-rock sound. The record is the result of this searching process.
As already mentioned on this artist, keep eyes on him.

From your Undercover Agent