Play By Affairs


Having launched into 2015 with two well received singles Brothers and Blood Science, Manchester band Affairs return with their new single Play – a melancholic synth-pop anthem featuring Jim Robinson’s signature vocal style.

The band’s influences are wide and varied with lead vocalist Jim Robinson’s parents being fully professional opera singers involved in Evita. Dan Parker (Gtr/Synth) studied composition, specialising in Sound Art & surrealist music, Michael Bradnam (Drums) initially played jazz alongside Liam Grindell (Gtr/Vox) whose also done various stints in metal bands, while Jack Richards (Bass/Bass Synth) teamed up with Dan Parker for their Jack Daniels Indie music show on Jam Radio when both at Hull Uni.

And now with this new single Play, the band produces a new well balanced indie rock track which re-elaborates Editors’ sound, mashing it up with a flavor of Depeche Mode and a touch of Tears For Fears. The result is a new blend named Affairs.
Play is produced by Suede, White Lies and Pulp producer Ed Buller and recorded at The Kinks’ legendary Konk Studios. The track draws you in from the first bar with its strident intro synth-riff played by Dan Parker while drummer Michael Bradnam’s infectious tom-tom pattern boldly drives the track along. Lyrically, Play is about the complexities of relationships and how we sometimes hide behind a facade or ‘play games’ with one another rather than facing up to our problems. Lead vocalist Robinson closes the track with the realisation that we often continue to do so until it is too late, and the relationship breaks down, going out on the phrase: “How much do we want it?”

From your Undercover Agent