Bleached Out By The Gloomies

The_Gloomies_Bleached Out

Following 2015 debut single “LSD,” The Gloomies have shared the first new single from the Blackout EP, via Thrill Me Records.
The new project finds the band in a very different state of mind, trading the sun-dappled Southern California beaches for the vast, barren expanses of the desert. Lead single “Bleached Out” perfectly captures the band’s newfound spirit—as ominously emblematic of the old West as tumbleweeds at dusk or a shuttered saloon at the edge of a ghost town. “A lot of friends who heard ‘LSD’ first might be surprised by Blackout,” explains lead singer Andy Craig. “But it was important to me that these songs come out now and together on this record. It felt right.”
Listen The Gloomies here below and on URL Collection March16.

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