Fly Moon Royalty: the return of R&B

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Dichotomy in a partnership is always tricky, but not for Seattle’s Fly Moon Royalty. Bleeding with all the heart and soul of blues and r&b, combined with the contemporary aesthetics of modern day electronica and hip hop, the collaboration of the Seattle-based duo is a perfectly fitting contradiction. Their musical partnership came about naturally.
Vocalist AdraBoo’s roots are planted firmly in musical theater. “I started to step out and sing in highschool – I got into theater, and whenever there was a musical, I was in! I learned the ins and outs of the stage, and went on to attend a theater training program, and then, through friends in the club scene, I started hosting.” Action J – a Grand Rapids, MI local and newcomer to Seattle, the all-round MC/DJ/producer threw himself into DJing straight after high school. “Ultimately, I just wanted to make beats. I had no mentors or anyone at all that could teach me, so I bought myself an MPC 2000 and taught myself how to sample. It wasn’t until I was taking a music program at the community college that I discovered my love for the piano. Before that moment I didn’t even know what Middle C was on a piano.”

After releasing their 2014 EP Unfiished Business and touring live, the band then hit the studio for layering a scrumptious bed of sound around Miss Boo’s sizzling- siren-like vocals, in strong songs ready to seduce the world. And now the Seattle-based electro-soul duo are set to self-release the sophomore album Delicious Trouble, scheduled on April 22, 2016, distributed by The Orchard.
Listen to first single out Grown Man here below and taste the beat.

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