Fighting by AlphaCub


AlphaCub is the solo project by Marc-Antoine Robertson, former of indie-pop band from Halifax, Canada, named SoHo Ghetto. After the release of two albums and Canadian tours with SoHo Ghetto, the band finally ended in 2014. Now, for Marc, it’s time to go ahead by his own steps and his proposal is quite simple but really effective: indie attitude plus dance beats. Easy to listen, easy to like.

On his lastest shared track named Fighting, Marc describes the core and the sense of Fighting as it’s “about action, it’s about doing something, getting bloody and dirty. It’s about relationships born out of the realization that nothing will happen unless you find like minded people, take care of each other, and fight for what you love together.”
I do like this sense of doing instead of waiting that things happen. Anything doesn’t fall from the sky!

From your Undercover Agent