17 New Years by Polyenso


Polyenso, the eclectic indie rock/experimental trio from St. Petersburg, FL, has announced the release of its second full-length album, Pure In The Plastic. After two years of writing, recording, and meticulously crafting this project, the album will be independently released on April 1st, 2016. Pure In The Plastic was produced by Jason Pennock, and recorded in the band’s hometown of St. Petersburg, FL.

Pure In The Plastic aims to build off of the band’s critically acclaimed 2013 debut release, One Big Particular Loop, and its most recent project, EP1, released back in October of 2015. Polyenso categorizes its genre of music as urban indie progressive with Pure In The Plastic including elements of hip-hop, neo-soul, and experimental electronics. Band members Alex Schultz, Brennan Taulbee, and Denny Agosto have drawn heavy influence from artists such as Flying Lotus, J Dilla, James Blake, and Q-Tip.

“Everyone has a light and a darkness inside them. For us it comes out in our music,” reflects Alex Schultz. “Dichotomy is a huge theme in this record. Head and heart, gluttony and apathy, and love and hate are some of the obvious ones.”

Waiting for their new album, check here below the refined urban indie track 17 New Years from their recent project EP1…super stylish!

From your Undercover Agent