John Frusciante: “Art is a matter of giving”

John-Frusciante_art is a matter of giving

Just yesterday I posted on Foo Fighters‘ new EP Saint Cecilia for free download. And today, John Frusciante – not any one – shares a bunch of unreleased music from the past, for free. For this, he launched a Soundcloud and Bandcamp profile.
In an extensive long letter to his audience, Frusciante explains the reason why behind his choice, a noble reason, in my opinion.
“When someone releases music on a label, they are selling it, not giving it. Art is a matter of giving. If I sing my friend a song, it goes from me to her, at no cost. That’s giving.” Frusciante basically explains his own concept of making music, the art of making music and as art it’s for everybody, for free.

He continues: “If I sell you an object, we do not say that I gave you that object. Recording artists have been “giving” the public music by selling it to them for so long that we now think of sell-outs as dedicated musicians who love their audience so much that they aggressively sell them products, and sell themselves as an image and personality to this audience on a regular basis just as aggresively.  Sell-outs is an antiquated term which, when I was a kid, referred to artists who love making money more than they love making music. The word indicated a lack of artistic integrity. Sell-outs suck, in my opinion. Its a shame its become so normal, expected, and acceptable to be one.”

Strong, crystal-clear words.

Frusciante continues: “Giving people music for free online being so common these days is a good reminder that artistic expression is always a matter of giving, not taking, or selling. Selling is the making money part, and artistic expression, creation, is the giving part. They are distinct from one another, and it is my conviction that music should always be made because one loves music, regardless of whether one plans on selling it or not. Creation is the source of life, while making money is what people do for food, clothing, shelter, necessities, and comfort in some cases, and to exercise their greed in others.”

To tell the truth it’s impossible to don’t consider business needs, in my opinion.
It’s important to merge different needs, the ones of music biz with the artistic side of making music, restricting and delimiting market pressure to make room to the highest and noble artistic sentiment.

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