Live: Yours, Dreamily by The Arcs

The Arcs Live_ UndercoverRockLife_4

It’s Monday night. Milan is cold and foggy. Just a couple of days are passed after the terrible things of Paris. Just few hours, after Dan Auerbach’s statements on that terrible facts, what he called survivor’s remors.
After all this, being on stage for a date of The Arc‘s First European Tour for debut album Yours, Dreamily at Alcatraz in Milan means a lot for many: for everybody down on the parterre, for the ones at the bar, for the band on the stage, for the doorman and the whole organization. It’s a special night, it’s a apecial show. This is the show that embraces the all sentiment of music professionals and lovers to reinforce the concept of MUSIC WINS.
That’s why Dan Auerbach’s tone is, this night, sensitive more than ever. Since the first note and chord of Stay in My Corner the atmosphere is tense and dense, intimate and surreal…when shadows of recent past come, these are pushed back down.

he Arcs Live_ UndercoverRockLife_1
The band on the stage range across the debult LP as a long journey in the ancient history of blues and rock. On the back, psychedelic colours enlighten the members, many indeed: 2 drummers to boost the groove (Homer Steinweiss, Richard Swift) , 3 mariachi chorus (Mariachi Flor de Toloache), bass guitar (Nick Movshon), piano organ and keyboards (Leon Michels), and electric guitar, synth and vocal (Dan Auerbach). The sound is vintage, 70’s sometimes when Dan re-evokes Jimi’s sound guitar, rough and dirty when the band push on the origin of blues, retracing Mississippi banks and all the wisdom of the first bluesmen. Vocal is profound, meaningful, remorseful… where everything starts and ends.

From your Live Undercover Agent