“Opening” Live at Palais De Tokio by Superpoze


Superpoze is part of a group of young and gifted French beatmakers and producers alongside Dream Koala, STWO and Fakear. His debut LP ‘Opening’ is described by himself as something of a revolution in his sound, ‘very moving, personal electro, focusing on melody as never before’. This is in contrast to his previous releases, which showcase Superpoze as the fresher producer in a school of French beats which includes the likes of STWO, Fakear, Dream Koala, and Thylacine.

The artist’s new sound is clearly heard in the track ‘Overseas’, in which the electronics build gradually to enhance the piano-driven melody of the opening. Superpoze’s roots in beats are still evident in the beautifully trakcs ‘Unlive’ and ‘North’ – all taken from the debut album – which are the key elements of the film “Live at Palais De Tokio” that you can stream below. The black & white video, filmed in the prestigous emptied location of Palais de Tokio, reveals the super stylish and refined taste of this young producer. The three songs are treated like a unique long lasting live track. This way, Superpoze can literally shows the way he makes music, classic as well as pop and electronic production, giving new life to mentioned tracks and the real measure of his talent.

Of the immersive black & white experience, Superpoze explains: “The question of the ‘live’ in electronic music has always been interesting to me. In traditional, classical or pop music, you play first then record and produce after. In electronic music, it’s a reverse process. The moment I finished composing my album ‘Opening’, my first question was ‘How am I going to present it live?’ There’s an infinite way to play ‘live’ music that has been produced in studio and for an album. For these 3 filmed tracks, I decided to present and explain my composing process through the ‘live’ playing of chosen parts. I composed my whole album with a piano, which is what i show through ‘Overseas”. I have worked on textures and searched for sounds, but I have always tried to stay close to main melodies, like guitar parts in pop music. That’s what I tried to do by integrating guitar in ‘Unlive’, and proposing a different version to the one on the album. Finally, the set up used in ‘North’, the last track of the video, is close to the one I use on tour. It reminds me of the composing method and what really brought me to electronic music: MPC and synths”

From your Undercover Agent