Post Meridian Soul by March Division


March Division is an alt-electro-rock collective comprised of Andy Vitali (Vocals, guitars, bass, synth, programming & production), Emanuele Platania (Drum, percussions and drum machines), Stefano Lai (Bass, synth bass, programming & production) and Mattia Pissavini (Keyboards, synths & production).
Since the beginning, late 2010, March Division range from alternative rock to brit pop, moving through indie pop and dance beat influences. They sing about love in post-atomic landscapes, wars of modern times, failures of modern society, memories of youth, suburban hopes and dreams as a way out. Immediately recalling Kasabian, March Division’ style remains a unique mixture of urban – underground sounds that meet the brit posh attitude.
After have released their debut album Radio Daydream by My Place Records in January 2012, they moved around Europe in tour until played at Rock in Roma for the second time supporting Paolo Nutini and The Rainband. In 2014, the band released the sophomore album named Post Meridian Soul via Irma Records. On it the band state: “We are in between lost generations that live for the night and let itself go and let itself get high, unable to react and to take back what has been stolen from under its nose. Post Meridian Soul is an observation of the upcoming disaster hoping that eventually we will take our lives back and give rise to a new day.” Listen and taste.

From your Undercover Agent