Right Were We Wanted by Shapes On Tape


Shapes on Tape is a Brooklyn based musical project whose dynamic blend of rock and electronic instrumentation moves from dreamy, psychedelic ballads, through pulsing dance anthems, and into abrasive power pop. Comprised of  hopping producer/multi-instrumentalist/90’s groovebox enthusiast/ Adam Kruckenberg, formerly of midwest glam legend Vibralux, and guitarist/songwriter, Jason Matuskiewicz, the band began collaborating in 2014. And now, with the assistance of Justin Craig, Grammy nominated producer, they recorded their debut E.P., Motivational Speakers released in March 2005, and later on, last summer 2015,  the team released their second E.P. No Bummers. 

Right Where We Wanted is the second single from Shapes on Tape’s second E.P. “No Bummers”. It’s a slow burning track that builds to a soaring crescendo and this way it represents the signature Shapes on Tape’s mixture of the contemporary new wave and post-punk sounds. The track compounds Matuskiewicz’s lyrics and straightforward style with Kruckenberg’s synthetic imaginings. Sound is fresh, unusual and instantly accessible: Shape On Tape’s trademark.

From your Undercover Agent