Watch fab music film of Shine A Light by Banners

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With influences ranging from the Beatles and Jeff Buckley to Arcade Fire, BANNERS utilizes vibrant techniques like choral echoes and cinematic sound effects, while still managing to sound entirely organic.
This is Liverpool native Banners’ background that now shares the video for his newest single Shine A Light. 
After getting a lot of loves with his debut single Ghosts, last April, on HypeMachine, now with Shine A Light, Mike Nelson – the artist behind Banners – has rapidly reached a complete and round indie formula which combined great vocals and choruses with pressing and persistent drum lines. The result is Shine A Light, a widescreen track. The suspenseful accompanying music video, directed by Christopher Ranson and produced by Zebrafish Media, perfectly matches the track’s anthemic chorus and beautiful lyrics.
Of “Shine A Light,” BANNERS says, “It’s about being stuck on a rowboat in the middle of the ocean and looking for salvation.  Whether it’s a lighthouse that signifies land or a girl that can change your life.  It can be anything.”  His songs are almost all geographic in nature.  “I tend to write based on the place I’m in and the context,” he says, adding that various cities and the sea are often his primary inspirations.  “Water is wild and untamable and a true mystery.  I always seem to come back to it.”

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“Shine A Light”
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