Chains by Lawrence Taylor

Lawrence Taylor_UndercoverRockLife

Boasting infectious choruses and spine tingling guitar riffs 22-year-old singer songwriter Lawrence Taylor demonstrates why he is one of the most talked about unsigned artists in the business on new track Chains. Born and raised in Birmingham, Taylor further exemplifies his songwriting capabilities with this gorgeous new number that will make even the more seasoned guitarists envious.
Since the first track shared, Waiting For Your Love, Taylor received high praise from business experts. Same as for the debut single Bang Bang (full article here) which has been used on the last Tom Ford‘s campaign. When music meets fashion, the combination is always really intersting for artists like Taylor that are propelled and fired into the big scene in a sec…literally a blink of eye. Indeed, figures are in this case the concrete sign of all this process: 31,000 Spotify streams a day since release.
Singer-songwriter’ last song Chains demonstrates a slower, more soulful approach before letting rip with his customary blues guitar sound. His blues touch – his remarkable trade-mark – enhances the intensity of lyrics and the maturity of his song-writing despite his years.

This way, Lawrence Taylor has the makings of the great big rockstar. Talented, stylish and passionate, an estimable gift for the scene.

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