River by Oh, Be Clever


Oh, Be Clever is a duo from Salt Lake City comprised of vocalist and wordsmith Brittney Shields and multi -instrumentalist Cory Scott Layton. Prior to Oh, Be Clever the two were members of separate bands which loathed each other to the point of physical violence. Late one night after a show, in the parking lot, a fight broke out between their two bands. Having always admired each other, Shields and Layton left the scene of the fight to create their own music. Now it’s time for Oh, Be Clever: a fresh point of view of indie, electro, and dream pop…styles that have now a new outstanding ringleader.

With this unique starting point, for Oh, Be Clever sharing a stylish great new record was just a matter of time.
River – a song about seeking validation in all the wrong places as singer Brittney Shields said – is about curving the toughing point among categories and genres and create a beating dream pop song. So that, River enlarges the range of feelings and flavors the duo have shared since now, stepping into a more intimate dimension.
“River is about accepting your flaws and living happily with them. There are a million different ways a person could interpret this song, and that’s kind of the way we want to keep it. Leave it up to your own life experience and the way you relate to it. We’re letting this song stay cryptic.”
As URL, we do appreciate River as one of the finest song of these last weeks.

From your Undercover Agent