Free People by Paint The Muse


Paint The Muse is a Los Angeles-based Alt-Dance duo formed in 2015 by Elizabeth Russo, vocalist – originally from the Bay Area – and Seattle-ite, Ash Wintergrass.
Free People is the first song from this band driven by the highest degree of freedom and devoted to its execution.
Band’s name, they say to UndercoverRockLife, came from the bridge of said single: “Free to love whoever you want, be the change or be the cause. Free to be whoever you choose, be the painter, be the muse”. Bearing this in mind, the first single they shared can’t be anything that the anthem of their attitude, obvious but not trivial. 4/4 dance beats and the pulsing production sustain vocals and straight-to-the-point lyrics to create a song inspired by the summer that made people want to move and dance.
“We started writing and recording songs for fun” – PTM continues – and, as always happened with magic things, after receiving positive feedback they decided “to release Free People as a single through Harbour Records”.
Their energetic and positive message, this allure, will shortly catch largerly worthy attention in the scene.
For now, one thing I can do…play and play it again!

From your Undercover Agent