LP: Sinah


Berlin-born, London-based producer Sinah releases her self-titled debut album on 15th June via Hamburg-based label Finaltune Records.
Although Sinah’s first ambitions were not musical, she fell in love with playing the bass and started producing her own tracks on Logic aged 14. Four years later, she moved from her native Germany to spend a year in Brooklyn, where she cut her teeth as a session musician. On moving to London, she began playing bass with psych-rock band Lola Colt, gaining stage experience on tour and playing festivals such as Glastonbury and SXSW. Now devoting her time to her solo work and fine-tuning a live performance format that accompanies her ability to work across and beyond genres, Sinah is a talented breakthrough artist this year.

Combining electronic elements, incorporating elements of trip-hop and lo-fi electronica with Eastern instrumentation, her work which has been compared to FKA Twigs, Bat for Lashes and Hundreds clearly exhibits the credentials that have seen her labelled as one of the most innovative and interesting musicians to be working in the London electronic music scene right now.

Distinguished by its musical diversity, ‘SINAH’ is a journey of ten tracks which each reflect her mood on writing them, with experimental tracks like ‘R.I.P.’ and ‘Potters’ contrasting to the driving hook of ‘Harder’, poppy sounds of ‘Just OK’ and exotic, layered instrumentation of latest single ‘Loveless’.

From your Undercover Agent