Manic Pulse by Delta Will


Delta Will is a genre-bending band from Toronto. They thoughtfully synthesize folk, psych-rock and electronic influences into heartfelt songs about the human condition.

Delta Will has released two EPs: 2012’s blues-inflected bedroom project Transcendental Visits and 2013’s It All Glows, the band’s first studio effort that let the band start to reveal its own rich, multidimensional sound. Now the band is working feverishly on their debut LP.
Manic Pulse is the first track to emerge from the record.

“It’s a song I wrote about a young man’s dizzying journey through the triumphant highs & loathsome lows of a manic episode – according to Charles Tilden (ringleader of the band). Sonically, the track alternates between dark swelling verses & explosive sparkling choruses of psych-pop bliss.”

That vintage pop attitude is the pearl on top of all that makes this track one of the most talented and stylish track on the actual scene. Delta Will have more room to cope with but if this is the first taste, well, the forthcoming production is more than simply promising.

From your Undercover Agent