On My Way by The Harlots

The Harlots_OnMyWay

The Harlots are a six-piece rock band from Melbourne with a touch of soul, pop sensibility and an insane old-school rock’n’roll attitude. Beginning as a group of high school friends playing Arctic Monkeys covers in a garage, the band has since spent the past five years cultivating their own sound. Blending distorted and spacey guitars, dreamy keyboards and organ with a persistent rhythm section that fills dance floors, the band perfectly supports Tom Pitts’ story telling lyrics that tend to hit close to home.

After have released their double EP Coarse Tunes, Parts 1 and 2 in 2013, now the band share the new single On My Way, scheduled to be released forthcoming 26th June. The track was recorded live by Richard Bowers (drummer/engineer for Magic Bones) at Soundpark studios in Northcote (Melbourne) in a single take.
This way the track gets a more raw and honest rock sound, instead of layering instruments and searching for ‘perfect’ plastic takes. Many of the band’s influences can be heard on the track: the pop sensibilities of Arcade Fire and The Killers, the grit of the Black Keys and the swagger of The Rolling Stones. Lead singer, Tom Pitts, has also taken much influence from his uncle Nick Cave.

On My Way is an anthem. It’s for the misplaced hipster generation of twenty-somethings that drift with no sense of urgency. It’s also about not worrying over what you decide to do, as long as you do something and don’t stagnate.
Listen now and follow the beat.

From your Undercover Agent