Streets by Harts


Playing all the instruments, writing all the songs and even recording and producing everything single handedly, the Australian one-man music making machine, virtuoso guitarist, asongwriter and producer, Darren Hart has been at work recording and producing a brand new EP, named Breakthrough.
After a massive 2014, which saw him release his debut album ‘Daydreamer’ and be invited to play with Prince at his Paisley Park Studios, the new EP sees Harts continuing to hone his blend of classic 70s Rock, and Funk into his own hybrid sound that is uniquely, Harts.
On Breakthrough, Darren declares: “What I’m saying in the songs come from what I’m seeing around me. I believe now is a time for change. I hope my words and/or music can inspire people, and inspire action from people”.

The new song shared by Harts is Streets that is basically a super rock vintage track. Darren merges a 70’s guitar sound (which recalls Jimi Hendrix a lot) with a classic blues approach by interchanging riffs with vocals. The whole is spiced with catchy and sexy post-production details that let Harts be the Aussie version of Lenny Kravitz. Success is granted!
Breakthrough will be released on 5th June. Don’t miss it. In the meantime, listen to Streets now.

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