EP: Missio, I’ve Lost My Way


Austin-based cinematic, alt-electro artist Missio releases his self-titled debut EP as an independent release today, May 15th.

Raised in Colorado, in 2013 Matthew Brue, under the name of Missio, moved into a classic Airstream trailer in order to work on his music – uninspired and distracted by the chaos of living in a huge city. He describes how this move elicited an incredibly creative period for him, saying: ‘I became inspired to create songs about my experiences, past and present, giving no thought to oppositions outside of my own mind’.
In the process he says he wrote 52 songs, but for his debut he has selected just five that best represent the year-long story of its creation. Missio says of the creative process: ‘This was the first time as a songwriter that I was able to write for myself, exactly the way I wanted to hear it’.

Indeed, Missio’ production sounds intense and refined. It’s a matter of super structured songs which cover a wide range of intensity. Missio interchanges deep dark beats to angelic picks and this Missio’s attitude make the full EP a strong compelling production that will open the doors of the scene to a stylish visionary artist. Stuning debut.

Visuals are a very important aspect of the work for Missio, and he believes the work produced by Rob Martinez for the second single, ‘I’ve Lost My Way’, has breathed even more life into the songs alone. Although he composed the music in relative isolation, he says of these collaborations: ‘It’s incredible to me that two people from separate walks of life are able to unite by way of an inspiring piece of art’.

Check Missio’ EP pearls here below and watch the intense video

From yoru Undercover Agent