The Chase Deluxe by Groenland

Groenland_The Chase Deluxe

The Canadian orchestral indie-pop outfit Groenland, led by Sabrina Halde and Jean-Vivier Lévesque, have announced the release of a deluxe edition of their debut album The Chase, originally released on April 16th 2013, via Bonsound.
The band describe their sound as ‘warm orchestral indie pop tunes with a touch of electro’.  And it is effectively.
‘The Chase’ is a fearless presentation, a soundtrack to the emotional state.  Each track represents a different mood, a different place – a unique state of mind. From folkie ukulele riffs, to dark sweeping (mini) orchestral passages to experimental electro and drums, this album has it all – and the vocal range of Sabrina Halde is quite simply staggering.  In ‘Our Last Shot’ (the lead track from the LP), ‘La Pieuvre’ and ‘Immune’ she shows off some pretty powerful hooks reminiscent of Sia and Adele but in tracks such as ’26 Septembre’ and ‘Daydreaming’ she delivers the soulful mellifluousness of Feist.

Our Last Shot’ is the biggest song on the album, ‘Immune’ is a ballad of heart breaking. ‘Our Hearts Like Gold’ is a jazz piano and singer number.  ‘Superhero’ opens cheerfully with a ukulele and then the track awakens and Halde with an almost classic 50’s jazz vocals steps out into the scene.

The general feeling about Groenland is to have to do with something special: with great musicians which play super structured songs flavored with the prettiness of “who does what likes”.
Groenland are like putting together The Lumineers with The Arcade Fire. The result is a unique mixture that represents the bridge between the tradition and the unconventional.

‘The Chase’ Deluxe Edition available to purchase from 14th May 2015.

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