Great Headless Blank by art-pop band Makeunder


Makeunder is an art-pop band developed as “collective” by ringleader Hamilton Ulmer, who crafted his first release using a violin, saxophone, fatigued vocals and a small hand drum. Since then, Ulmer has rounded out the band’s lineup with Van Jackson-Weaver (vocals, guitars), Samantha York (vocals), Mario Godoy (synths, saxophone), Carolyn Walter (saxophones, winds) and John Doing (percussion).

Now, Oakland-based Makeunder announce their new EP, Great Headless Blank, due out later this summer. The album follows up their debut EP, Radiate, Satellite.
In Great Headless Blank, Ulmer confronts personal tragedies sorting through the ashes with a juxtaposed, exuberant sound comparable to Passion Pit’s Gossamer. In the lead song that gives the name at the album, Ulmer’s lyrics are visceral and intense and arrangements are dense, a roller-coaster of tones and harmony. At first sight, all this looks like chaotic, but it’s in reality a controlled chaos that keep the listener glued to these ups and downs.  One thing you can do after listen Makeunder the first time…keep listening.

Makeunder are on my radar. Stay tuned for more.

From your Undercover Agent