Twitch And Tug by Hugo

Hugo_Album Cover

Bangkok native Hugo refuses to let genre define him and in fact throws the concept in the faces of anyone foolish enough to try, wrong-footing the unweary at every turn. He’s been making music for over fifteen years starting as a teenager with popular Thai band Siplor. Moving to London, he was heavily influenced by blues musicians including Howling Wolf and Robert Johnson, gaining the ear of Roc Nation after his song Disappear was featured on Beyonce’s album “I Am… Sasha Fierce”. His debut album “Old Tyme Religion” was released in 2011, described by his label as “gangsta-rock” and his bluegrass cover of Jay-Z’s ’99 Problems’ gathered him a legion of fans across North America.

His second album “Deep in the Long Grass” has recently surfaced, produced by Dave McCracken (Ian Brown, Depeche Mode), a continuing journey into genre with a blues and groove base heavy with rock, country, hip hop and electronic influences that create a unique soundscape that’s curiously both eclectic and coherent in its mastery of song writing.
The album is led by “Twitch and Tug”, a killer bluegrass number that both surprises and satisfies with its dubstep breakdown and wild west video creating a celebration of eccentricity.

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