Pelicans We by Cosmo Sheldrake

Cosmo Sheldrake_Pelican We

Sheldrake’s EP Pelicans We is the world of a super talented 25 year-old multi-instrumentalist musician, composer and producer, one of the most talented I mentioned to be follow in 2015 (read full article here).

Due to songwriter’s spirit of adventures, Pelicans We is the product of many travels and influences, from trips down the Panama Canal to isolated islands populated entirely by scientists, to rainforests in remote coastal British Columbia. Armed with impish and irresistible logics, Sheldrake rehouses these newly gathered influences next to his love of British folk and nonsensical poetry.

Last single of this odyssey is the last released title track, Pelicans We, is a roguish musical setting of Edward Lear’s Pelican Chorus. Armed with a battered sousaphone, Sheldrake hosts the meeting of a Mardi Gras shuffle with a mouldy elegy, and stands by as they conduct an impossible affair.

Cosmo’s world is available via Transgressive Records and on tour
Waiting for him live here in Italy, check the full EP here below

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