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Other Lives is an American indie rock band from Stillwater, Oklahoma. The band was originally formed in 2004 as Kunek and released one album in 2006 under that name.
Now, following 2011’s Tamer Animals, the 13-track effort was co-produced by band members Jonathon Mooney and Jesse Tabish alongside Atoms for Peace’s own Joey Waronker, the forthcoming third album Rituals – scheduled to be released on May 4th – remains focused on band’s search for audible clarity. It’s a pure encapsulation of the trio’s relentless drive for precision. “It’s more dimensional, it’s more 3-D, if you will,” Tabish explains (piano, guitar, lead vocals). “We wanted a cleaner, brighter record with more movement and more color.”

Other Lives, which includes Jonathon Mooney (piano,violin, guitar, percussion, trumpet) and Josh Onstott (bass, keys, percussion, guitar, backing vocals), embody  – in my opinion – the modern culture of alternative independent rock, still basically approaching the work with a structural classic touch. “In our heads we’re haphazardly trying to write classical music,” says Tabish.

Rituals’s themes were born during a transitional period for the band, specifically their relocation to Portland, Oregon from their hometown of Stillwater, Oklahoma. “There was a spirit of change,” Tabish explained of the band’s mindset going into the Rituals recording sessions. “We had done Tamer Animals, which was very close to us and about our home. So the next record was about the spontaneity of travel and being isolated. For the first times in our lives we were moving off on our own away from our families and kind of coming into our own. I wanted the songs to reflect that new spirit.”

“This one was a real journey,” Tabish says of the 18 months spent writing more than 60 songs for Rituals, a constant creative process. “It was a long time spent searching for a new identity,” the singer adds of the writing process, “still trying to retain the past of our musical palate but also really trying to stretch ourselves into a new type of music.”

Considering this in advance, check out the last song shared Easy Way Out alongside with 2 Pyramids and Reconfiguration, and get the feelings of what is coming next on May 4th with Rituals.
Rock is gonna change!

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