Introducing: All We Are


From Liverpool, All We Are play a psychedelic boogie that emerges from this last two tracks the band have shared on Soundcloud: the minimal Stone and the intimate Utmost Good.
The tones of voice are definitely different and almost away. If in Stone the electro synth pop emerges clearly, in Utmost Good the band enhance an opposite direction that is deeply routed in that boogie that sounds so ’70s/’80s. In any case, All We Are – that on their social profile declares to be influenced by a wide spectrum of genres, from Outkast to janis Joplin, and Radiohead and Beatles – they have maybe one big sound influence coming from Bee Gees. Thast’s so, All We Are describe their-selves as “The Bee Gees on diazepam“. It’s that little psychedelic tone that makes the band All They Are.
Listen to Stone and Utmost Good below.

From your Undercover Agent