New share by Blood Orange: Delancey


Dev Hynes, aka Blood Orange, has not released any new music after his 2013 album Cupid Deluxe, until now. The new song Delancey is been written, recorded and produced on March 2nd, only 3 days ago.
It means two different things to me: on one hand, this track is a pure artistic flow that the British singer-songwriter and producer has gone along with, or on the other hand, Delancey is the newest wave that the artist will walk in the next production and the song is the insight of near future.
I like to think as the first route is what really happened and think of it as the more artistic vision and approach…. that approach that explodes into a stormy wave the artist decodes into art.
Whatever it is, it’s great. Another undisputed proof of Dev Hyanes’ talent. Listen below.

From your Undercover Agent