Molière by Our Man in Berlin

moliere_Our Man In Berlin

Our Man in Berlin is a 5 piece band from Perth, Australia that take inspirations from “friends, family, mood, bands that are better than us” – the band shares on its Facebook profile.
Following the first EP shared in 2014 Is It Right?, Our Man in Berlin releases Moliére  the effortless sounding 2015 new single – that’s a taster from the forthcoming sophomore EP ‘Spirit Down’, out March 16th.

Moliére, more than simply representing a whipping comparison term with 17th century French playwright, is a great indie-electronic track that absorbs and catch the latest waves. This track includes not only an original use of beats, changing rhythms, syncopated alternatives but atop rhythmic guitars, urgent and intense vocal. The global outcome is a unique mixture that, I believe, opens many routes.
I’m for OUiB.

From your Undercover Agent