Vienna Ditto, something out-of-the-ordinary

Vienna Ditto_Hammer And A Nail

London-based Vienna Ditto are a very good example of a band that everyone needs to hear at least once.
Duo consists of Hatty Taylor and Nigel Firth, a pair who first met when the latter started teaching guitar when she was 11 years old. After a couple of years they lost touch, but in one of those strange twists of fate they literally bumped into each other in the street in 2009. Since then it has been a growing success for Vienna Ditto.  

And now with this last track Hammer And A Nail, the band continue to move on the asset of uniqueness. In Hammer And A Nail the pensive guitar strokes alongside a pulsating beat both compliment the smokey, seductive, almost Edith Piaf-like tones of Hatty’s voice. Hammer And A Nail is reminiscent of Portishead and The Knife, both making music whilst watching Pulp Fiction and spinning on a rather trippy carousel.
Check Vienna Ditto’s intriguing blend of smoky blues, psychedelic rock and electronica here below.

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