EP: The Collage by Negash Ali

Negash_Ali_The Collage

London-based, Eritrean artist/songwriter Negash Ali releases his brand new EP The Collage, out today.
The new EP displays all the makings of an engaging urban artist that one would expect considering his outstanding portfolio, which includes having penned ‘Get Twisted’, a song for Jadakiss featuring Chris Brown.

On ‘Lionheart’, Ali debuts on production, in collaboration with Playminds/Jacob Vidkjær. The singer describes ’Lionheart’ as a ’story of tough love: the continuous problem of having a hard time giving in to the counterpart of the relationship, and thus in a strange way desiring to experience shared pain in order to have further trust.’

The strength of the single is matched by the release’s two remaining tracks ‘Holding On’ and ‘Harmonize’. ‘Holding On’ truly displays how multi-faceted Ali is; effortlessly demonstrating how to execute soulful R’n’B hooks with an unassailable rap verse. Meanwhile, ’Harmonize’ presents a more tender side to Ali as he delicately croons out the poignant lyrics to a backdrop of beautifully melancholic keys.

From your Undercover Agent