Get A Room! unveil ‘Leave This Town’ feat. Geisha Boy


Following the premiere of lead track Agony & Pain by Get A Room! (read more here), the Parisian duo just unveiled ‘Leave This Town’ feat. Geisha Boy alongside the full EP Inbetween hat is finally out on Partyfine.

This debut effort showcases the quality production of the pair and their willingness to explore a variety of genres and tempos. EP opener, lead track ‘Agony & Pain’, is a peak time number that skillfully combines disco basslines with dubby analogue fx to create a versatile dancefloor winner. The original is accompanied by a remix from experimental producer The Emperor Machine, who has previously turned his hand to remixes of giants like Moby, Daft Punk and Royksopp. With his edit of ‘Agony & Pain’ he creates a strong hook with chopped up vocals and trademark synth arpeggios for a decidedly 90s spin.
A more downtempo affair, ‘Leave This Town’, which featured on Partyfine’s anniversary compilation ‘Partyfine,Vol. 1’, showcases what the band terms a ‘slo mo chugger’ and reminds me the darker Massive Attack style, an outstanding source of inspiration as well as the result get by Youksek. Leave This Town features Maik from the Parisian trio Tristesse Contemporaine (Geisha Boy) and Mattias Mimoun from Apollo. Remix treatment comes from Remain, whose hypnotic take moves the original in a far darker direction, as well as from the Get A Room! boys themselves, who neatly round off the EP with their smoky dub edit.

The Partyfine label itself has gained notable respect from its peers since its inception in 2013 and thanks to Yuksek’s releases Partyfine is establishing “a trusted tastemaker in music”.
Class and flair are the key words of Yuksek’s issue. If you dont’ believe me, listen to it.

From your Undercover Agent,