The Holy Gasp: The Last Generation of Love


Formed in Toronto in 2011 by Benjamin Hackman (vocals, percussion), The Holy Gasp is a collective of musicians, very good musicians, that fuse avante-guard tropicalia with American folk, punk and surf. With Benjamin, the current line up includes Sebastian Shinwell (guitar, backing vocals), Christopher Weatherstone (saxophone, flute, backing vocals), James McEleney (upright bass), and Daveyoso (drum kit, percussion).

The Holy Gasp have now shared the video for their latest single A Daily Affirmation, out of the forthcoming album The Last Generation of Love, scheduled to be released on February 24th.  The album was recorded sporadically between March and November of 2014 by Josh Korody (The Dirty Nil, Dilly Dally, Beliefs) at Candle Recording in Toronto. The band state: “the album re-contextualizes beatnik aesthetics for the modern listener, and makes a desperate cry for humanity, for change” A strong promise that guys like The Holy Gasp can afford.

The Holy Gasp’ s style reminds me the kaleidoscope of sounds by Tom Waits, as well as Waits circus approach to the music.
Watch the band in A Daily Affirmation, a masterclass in hygiene and self-motivation, where the band show its pleasure for comic and surreal, and listent to the beating The Last Generation of Love.

From your Undercover Agent