Safe by These Ghosts

These Ghosts_Safe

Safe is the third single from These Ghost, a 3 piece band (Calum Duncan – Vocals, guitar, keys; Nick Yager – Bass, keys, backing vocals and Harry Hall -Drums; from Norwich, London) that perform a stylish ambient rock.
Co-produced by Matthew Herbert, the sophomore album Still The Waves is released on NX Records – a collaborative label with Accidental Records – and it defines a superior These Ghosts’s sound.
This last single, Safe, picks up its sound and mood from strong influences coming from Radiohead to Sigur Ros. The unique and ethereal Calum Duncan’s voice is combined with infectious basslines and blistering drums creating so an amazing and stylish mashup. Mixing up rock and electronic with a fresh and savvy attitude for contrast and syncopated rhythm, These Ghosts provides intense and intensive feelings which refer to the world of unusual.
Safe is an usual video as well and you can watch it below.

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