Chess by Petite Noir

Petite Noir

Petite Noir is the project of Yannick Ilunga, a singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist, 21-year-old South African born in Brussels to a Congolese father and Angolan mother who moved the family to Cape Town when he was six. Ilunga grew up listening to R’n’B, Rock, Grunge, fronting with electronic Popskarr and collaborating with hip-hop artist Spoek Mathambo. Later on Ilunga gave voice and sound to his new project Petite Noir: a unique sound so called now as “noir wave”.
Basically new wave, Petite Noir adds a peculiar African aesthetic that opens the sound to a wider impressive range of shadows. Definitely nothing compares to what you listened to until now.

Petite Noir with the track Chess is part of Undercover Best Of, the state of the art in 2014.

From your Undercover Agent