The Best Undercover Sounds Of 2014


To define and establish with absolute certainty the best sounds of the year in music is quite impossible. Too many factors need to be taken into consideration when it’s time to write down The List; from web analytics, which say most of people’ tastes, to something less concrete than figures but strongly relevant when talking about music: feelings, impressions, perceptions which can be delivered to the listener even if figures are not positive. So from my point of view the real question is “what makes that sound so cool?”… and the answer is: “continuity and uniqueness, definitely”. In other words, the ability to deliver and share so much and so much different after each and every listen, still remaining consistent in time. And how can you understand this is happened? If what you say was good, it is still good.
This is the main reason why, amongst the following sounds, there’s one that is so impressive for me to be announced as the Big Thing of 2014: The War On Drugs with Lost In The Dream.

From your Undercover Agent