News from Freddie Dickson

Freddie Dickson

Living in a permanent “time bound” mode, sometimes it might happens to leave behind two pearls like those shared by Freddie Dickson during the last couple of months: News and You Know How.
Freddie Dickson, a London-based singer-songwriter, is able to mesmerize with his expressive voice and intense music structure. The track News, a song with great potential, starts with Dickson’s warm voice accompanied by piano chords and choral voices. Drums, which come later, give the song a deeper sense and a powerful structure. News is a fresh dark pop song with lots of expression from the singer.
You Know How, last share, has a darker mood. With this track, the songwriter takes out all his desperation from his voice. The hypnotic beat is an awesome carpet where Dickson’s voice walks and let exploding all his intensity.

Keep eyes on him.
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