Video: The War On Drugs, Under The Pressure


Second single – Under The Pressure – taken from the great LP Lost in the Dream by The War On Drugs.

Some artists make beatiful music but oppressive and depressive to express their own feelings felt with the same intensity in their secret rooms of soul. But In Under The Pressure, even if The War on Drugs’s frontman Adam Granduciel sings about a love that is ending when everything breaks into nothin…

Holding over like an illusion
When it all breaks down and we’re runaways
Standing in the wake of our pain
And we stare straight into nothin’

..Adam treats those feelings with comfort, never boring with a sickening excess of anxiety or dump, but elevating song’s mood to a surreal level as 80s drive-time rhythm is well balance with the voice and with the global tone of the song.
This way, the video, entirely recorded with the same “special filter” applied to album’s cover, makes sense of band’s pairing: real ans surreal.
Under The Pressure is a song and now a video too that has to be tasted second by second in its huge rough elegance.

From your Undercover Agent