Introducing: Imperial Mammoth

Imperial Mammoth

Imperial Mammoth is US-based Leonard Jackson & Laura Jane Scott.

Imperial Mammoth began in bed. When musician Laura Jane Scott lay in recovery from knee-surgery, her boyfriend and fellow songwriter Leonard Jackson brought his guitar to pass the time. Together they sang, and wrote some songs, and thought it sounded good enough to record.

It didn’t take long for people to agree. Their debut single ‘Requiem On Water’ landed in the Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack. And they soon followed with the EP, ‘Where Satellites Fall’, building their fan base so far.

The band grew, and the sound got bigger. They enlisted cutting-edge producer Nate Pyfer (Kascade, Mideau), and mixer Mark Needham (The Killers, Walk The Moon, Imagine Dragons) to actualise their biggest work to date: the new 11 track Gold Confetti LP which was out on 24 June 2014 via Bleed101 Records.
The 11 track album finds the band stuck in the past. From their fondness for Raymond Chandler’s Hollywood (The Last One To Leave The Party that you can listen below), and the bittersweet pull of distant loves (‘The Limitless Hours’ and ‘Mooncatcher’), to the re-casting of a local crime as a mediation on villainy (‘Fifty-Five Fires’), Imperial Mammoth is a band that cannot let go.

It makes sense then that the band describes the new album as a study of timeless themes. Or as Jackson puts it “Songs about love, loss, and longing”.

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