Video: Racing Glaciers – VHS

Racing Glaciers_VHS

Fast and intense production for Racing Glaciers which, in a few months, have introduced on the scene a really good EPAhead Of You Forever (that get inspiration from that soft rock wave which sees band like Fleet Foxes on top) and later on share track like First Light (that turns the sound on a definitely brit approach – the band has its origin in Macclesfield, UK).
Now the band, which is still unsigned, share its first video VHS, a strong mixture of garage and brit rock that well fit the evolution the band is having in developing its own sound. Like in old vhs, Racing Glaciers present a sequence of memories depicting so perfectly the tone of the line and the intensity of the charismatic singer Tim Monaghan. 
Once again the band confirm the impressive and positive work is doing.

From your Undercover Agent