Alt-J: HungerThe Pine & Left Hand Free. Two sounds, one origin.


Alt-J is one of my favourite band around. Their sound is really fantastic, it ranges from rarefied electronic atmosphere to eerie and hypnotic sounds which embrace the listener into parallel universe. From my point of view, Alt-J’ s sound is the synthesis of the modern alternative indie pop rock.

The British trio  is now working on the follow up their massively successful and Mercury Prize-winning debut An Awesome Wave which it calls This Is All Yours, scheduled to be released later this year. And for the first video of Hunger Of The Pine they brought Nabil, one of the the greatest music video director currently working. The clip follows a man pursued by a mysterious hunter and it ends with one of those searing images Nabil is known for. Strong images for sensitive persons.
The track is an eerie, hypnotic song that includes a sample of Miley Cyrus singing I’m A Female Rebel and despite this kind of combination sounds strange, the final effect is really refined. Love at first listening!

On the other hand, left hand precisely, the band shared their second song, and the first official single, taken from the forthcoming album This Is All Yours: Left Hand Free. In the opposite direction of Hunger Of The Pine, Left Hand Free is basically a blues rock. The gap with Alt-J’s production is really broad but also in this case the final result is impressive.

From your Undercover Agent