How To Dress Well, Face Again – Part 2of3

How To Dress Well_Face Again

A new video and track is out by Tom Krell AKA How To Dress Well. Desperation is always been at the heart of Krell’s music but with this track, Face Again, he seems like in searching of something deeper which is really difficult to find out.
At one point he sings: I know I want an answer but I forgot the question. The eternal dilemma between question and answer…when the answer is not more necessary cause it was just the chance to start an intimate research process. This way, Tom, total white dressed, looks like a mystic prophet. A strong critic to all is traditional.
Listen to and watch Face Again, Part 2 of 3 of the launch of the forthcoming album What Is This Heart?
Stay tuned to know more.

From your Undercover Agent