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The funny thing about the just now concluded Italian Design Week is that music, which is a concrete element able to perfectly link all forms design can embody, is more or less absent, especially in terms of sound design performances.  With the exception of a couple of art installations made of lights (which work in sync with electronic sounds), music takes life during all nights long, crossing super design parties, very popular and full of design followers.
I know, you can say I’m too involved cuz I’m music blogger but I do believe that design, in all its forms, is the synthesis of colors, structure, space, materials, concepts … and sound in order to get an outcome greater than the sum of its parts.
This way the sound, intended as the source of inspiration or the element which complete the aesthetic part of the work, should play a primary role in this kind of big event dedicated to design.

Only a few exhibitors have interpreted and included the sound in their development process for new products. One of these is DigitalHabits, Italian fresh brand formed by the unrestricted enlightened minds of Innocenzo Rifino and Diego Rossi, which with products like Open Mirror combines a mirror, a Bluetooth speaker and a charging dock for smartphones like iPhones, or with Osound and P.A.C.O create the right balance between the functional need of listen to a good sound with a touch of style and, why not, a natural interface: wave the hands to control the music.

Digital Habots_Open Mirror


Another good example is AvantGarde with Om, the first all-in-one audio speaker that decorate the space with sound and light. Om, as the company states, is the sound of your lifestyle. Nice concept!


From France side, which with AvantGarde and DigitalHabits are all exhibited in the earth of Tortona Design District in Milan – Temporary Museum for New Design, La Boite Concept introduces LD Cube by Samuel Acocceberry, an high fidelity laptop desk with a vintage flavor that with Parrot ZIK, touch control wifi bluetooth headphones, are a good combination to listen to good design music!

La Boite Concept_LD Cube

Parrot Headphones ZIK

Definitely, my “take away” feeling from this intense and crazy week is that design seems to be more and more a matter of multifunctionality. Can’t be different nowadays!

Below a fantastic track which seems to be designed just for this week: Just Friends, Don’t tell me.
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