Review: The Family Rain – Under The Volcano

The Family Rain_Under the volcano

The Family Rain is a discovery done a few weeks ago and soon they caught all my attention. Those three brothers – William, Ollie and Timothy Walter from Bath, England – have a clear vision in mind of what rock should be: a unique mixture of aggressive, rough and grunge texture plus – and I have to use this word – a pop mood.
Far from being commercial, I do think they have a melodic approach and a pop sensibility that give them what a rock band should have too: the ability to combine the scratched rock approach with a catchy touch.
The result is the explosive debut album Under The Volcano via Virgin EMI Records. Honestly, in the past days I didn’t listen to anything than this because of 11 reasons, 11 songs.

Carnival, the first cut, soon clarifies my feelings: speedy riff and catchy mood. Trust Me…I’m a Genius with its structure reminds the latest rock tendency, especially coming from Californian bands. Moving forward and through the hypnotic Feel Better, Don’t Waste Your Time appears like a surprise in terms of style and approach: the background beat leaves room to intense and hypnotic consequences.
If Reason to Die seems to be the darkest moment, the emotive shadows of this cut introduce a superior sound structure which wink to a classic rock approach.
Binocular turns all the feelings cumulated ’til now into a friendly and breaking moment dedicated to ephemeral sensations. Clapping Own My Back, I reach Pushing It, a choral and theatrical song, full of syncopated beat with a a clear vintage flavor, but one of the best experience of this album. At this point, Together which starts with an aphonic voice confuses me when the band turns the instruments up, the most doubtful moment, that’s why this is the longest track of the album, perhaps they’re searching for something. But no worries, these three guys have more to say and you can check this with the last two tracks of this fast album: 11 songs and 3 mins each in average. Vulpicide close a great debut album with the strongest and furious moment, my favorite one. A very rock pearl in the end.

Despite a few confused moments in terms of emotive approach, the direction is clear: sharp and loud brit rock, really appreciable. What I like the most from these three guys is the spontaneous approach that emerges after listening to Under The Volcano. At last, a rock band that embodies the passion of tradition with the willing of do something new which belongs to youth.
If you have a Spotify profile, you can check the record here below.

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