The Family Rain: three brothers, one vision

The Family Rain_Trust me

Three brothers – William, Ollie and Timothy Walter – play a scratched, dirty, but really traditional British rock in a three-piece band from Bath, England.

With this track and video Trust Me…I’m A Genius, the group wants to prove they’re more than a small town band that play in local pubs. The three bros are a well structured group with a clear idea in mind on what kind of music they want to play. Brit rock is the answer. And I’m pretty ok with this vision: the three talents are able to create an organic sound, well defined and in certain moment already prepared to bite the music scene. It’s clear that those three guys are part of a long and common creation process that is grown up with them. All of their songs are pieces of a journey that represent the taste, the way of playing, the heart and passion they put into this project that now sounds more like a dynamic potential new trend in brit landscape.

So stay tuned and check The Family Rain out next February when the band will launch its first album Under The Volcano. Promising!

From your Undercover Agent