Pan del Diavolo, Il Meglio…Folk n Roll!

Pan del Diavolo - Il Meglio

Last issue from the folk indie band Pan del Diavolo that comes from the deep south of Italy, where the sun is hot and the music bites the beats.
The italian duo Pan del Diavolo – Food of the Devil, literally – yesterday shared its last track via bandcamp, the new one that – as the duo stated on its facebook profile – will keep company during next months, when band will record the new album… and is busy to create “fresh new tricks to bewitch all of us”.
Back to the origin, this last track is very well structured and sounds like the best of its first album Sono all’Osso which was an incredible bolt of lightenting for the italian music scene. Now, with an improved songwriting, the best fit for an intense kind of music like this, listen to Il Meglio and its scratched acoustic guitars, and keep on track the italian folk n roll duo. 

From your Undercover Agent